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How to Make/Create a Baby Shower Menu [Templates + Examples] 2023
How to Make/Create a Baby Shower Menu [Templates + Examples] 2023 from

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A baby shower is a special event to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. It is a joyous occasion where friends and family come together to shower the expectant parents with love, support, and gifts. One important aspect of planning a baby shower is creating a menu that will satisfy the guests and make the event memorable. In this article, we will explore some baby shower menu templates that you can use to plan your own baby shower menu.

For a morning or afternoon baby shower, a brunch menu can be a great option. Start with a variety of fresh fruits and yogurt parfaits for a healthy and refreshing appetizer. Follow it up with a selection of quiches, both vegetarian and meat-filled, served with a side salad. Don’t forget to include a variety of pastries, muffins, and scones for a sweet touch. Offer a selection of teas, juices, and coffee to accompany the meal.

If you’re hosting the baby shower in a garden or outdoor setting, a garden party menu can be a perfect fit. Start with a refreshing salad made with mixed greens, seasonal vegetables, and a light vinaigrette. Serve a variety of finger sandwiches with different fillings, such as cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon, and chicken salad. Include a selection of mini quiches and savory tarts. For dessert, offer a variety of bite-sized sweets like macarons, mini cupcakes, and fruit tarts.

Add a touch of spice to your baby shower with a Mexican-themed menu. Start with a selection of salsas, guacamole, and chips as appetizers. Serve tacos with a variety of fillings, such as grilled chicken, beef, or vegetarian options. Offer a make-your-own nacho bar with different toppings and cheeses. Don’t forget to include a refreshing agua fresca or margarita mocktail for the guests to enjoy.

A classic tea party is always a popular choice for a baby shower. Serve a selection of finger sandwiches with different fillings, such as cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon, and egg salad. Offer a variety of scones with clotted cream and jam for a traditional touch. Include a selection of tea cakes, cookies, and petits fours for a sweet treat. Serve a variety of teas, both hot and iced, to cater to different preferences.

If you’re hosting a casual and laid-back baby shower, a BBQ menu can be a great choice. Start with a variety of grilled appetizers, such as skewers, sliders, and stuffed mushrooms. Serve a selection of BBQ meats, such as ribs, chicken, and sausages, with a variety of sauces and sides like coleslaw, baked beans, and cornbread. Offer a refreshing fruit salad and a selection of desserts, like brownies and fruit cobbler, to end the meal on a sweet note.


Creating a well-planned and delicious menu is an essential part of hosting a successful baby shower. Whether you choose a brunch, garden party, Mexican fiesta, tea party, or BBQ theme, there are endless possibilities to create a memorable dining experience for your guests. Use the baby shower menu templates provided in this article as inspiration to plan your own menu. Remember to consider any dietary restrictions or preferences of your guests and to have fun with the process. Happy baby shower planning!

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